Buy in your favourite shops

Midinero is the easiest and safest way to pay.

Don’t miss out on all the benefits:

  • Save on VAT in shops, restaurants, bars and even when paying your bills.
  • Benefit from 24% tax back (IMESI) at petrol stations.

Buy online, pain-free

Enjoy the very best of ecommerce. Pay online quickly and safely.

What are you waiting for?

World-wide shopping

With Midinero International you can buy all over the world, in every shop that takes MasterCard.

Enjoy your subscriptions

Don’t miss your favourite films and series! Relax and have friends for dinner. Play the best games. Travel across your city. All with the same card.

Link Midinero to your favourite platforms:

Pay your bills

With Midinero you can pay all your bills without the need to withdraw cash, and save up some VAT, too.:


Get paid

Get your salary, pension or social security benefit paid into your card, at no additional cost.

Notify your employer that you want to be paid using Midinero and start making the most of all the benefits.

Pensions and social security benefits:
Sign up to “Midinero BPS Affiliations” at any Redpagos branch.

Top up your card

There are many ways to top up your Midinero card:

  • At any Redpagos branch (either you or another person)
  • Transferring from another Midinero card.
  • Transferring from a bank account.

Transfer money

Sending money with Midinero is as simple as a couple of clicks, and you can transfer money to another Midinero card or to a bank account.

Withdraw cash

You can draw cash safely, near you:

  • At any Redpagos branch.
  • At any Cirrus ATM all over the world (Midinero International only).

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